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Quality assurance QInvest-Solar

Higher yields through inspected quality.

With QInvest-Solar, Business Institute Solar Strategy (BISS) offers a management system for independent, objective, and comprehensive quality assurance, which is unique in Europe. It guarantees long-term project yields and minimal risk.
Despite the fact that the quality of PV components and systems has been continually improved in past years, there are still large differences in quality between the installed systems. The consequences for investors and operators of such systems are de facto yield losses and insufficient satisfaction of debts, as well as high investments of money and time on maintenance.
Insufficient or non-existent system planning can result in profit losses of up to 40%; in the case of components without quality assurance, these reductions can be as great as 70%. In worst cases, the financed PV system will never be profitable.

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    (Source: Business Institute Solar Strategy 2008)

Conmsistent quality assurance with Qinvest-Solar allows operators and investors of PV systems to profit on several levels, because:

  • The yield projected in the offer is reliable
  • The PV system delivers the projected yield starting in the first year
  • The PV system has a low failure risk and high operational reliability in the long run
  • The PV systems can be operated safely and efficiently without high expenses and efforts and
  • The performance ratio of the system is increased by an average of 6 percentage points